Ultrasound ,Also named sonography, utilizes strong waves to create ultrasound pictures of what's going on inside the body. the device named the transducer emits high-frequency sound, to human ears and then registers that echoes as the sound waves move back to decide he magnitude, structure, and consistency of soft tissues and organs. The data is relayed in actual time to create pictures on the computer screen. imaging technicians or sonographers, have limited training in how to do this experiment. So the specialist or the physician can under and these ultrasound pictures. The application will help analyze and treat specific circumstances Indian diagnostic centre in Tagore garden provide the best service of ultrasound 

Following are the conditions where ultrasound imaging are is advised by physician

  • Pregnancy

  • Ectopic pregnancies and menstrual disorder

  • Trauma or surgical emergency

  • Blockages in blood vessels of hearts

  • Deep venous thrombosis

  • And many more

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