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The  electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that detect electrical activity in the mind using tiny, metal disks (electrodes) attached to the skin. 


The Electrocardiogram is a simple, easy experiment that measures the feeling's electrical action it's likewise called the ECG or EKG . 


The Echocardiography, often to as a cardiac ECHO  or just the ECHO is the sonogram of the spirit. (it is not shortened as ECG,


Ultrasound ,Also named sonography, utilizes strong waves to create ultrasound pictures of what's going on inside the body

Computerized Lab

The computerized laboratory warning system for case administration offers a simple but effective method for highlighting pertinent information

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray technology is well accessible and provided at Indian diagnostic center in Tagore garden.  The cost-effectiveness  of a digital X-ray versus the conventional figure is because of the fact that film is expensive

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