Digital X-ray

 More Price Effective and cost-effective. Digital X-ray technology is well accessible and provided at Indian diagnostic center in Tagore garden. The cost-effectiveness of a digital X-ray versus the conventional figure is because of the fact that film is expensive . It is not just costly to buy but also is to be produced with the digital X-ray there is no need to spend time producing this picture as it may create and show the image in as little as three minutes! Another benefit of digital radiography is the storage space is limitless as you can only move digital pictures onto the hard drive for accessible access in the time. when using conventional X-rays, cinema is difficult to keep and sustain as pictures degrade over time . Yet with digital X-rays, This pictures does not lose its level .This digital icon will also be easily resized to the large pictures without any distortion of quality. For medical providers, this implies an easier , more precise identification procedure 

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